Normal person bingo

Normal person bingo

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Unleash your fun side with our normal person bingo! This interactive tool lets you customise cards for everyday scenarios, making ordinary moments extraordinarily entertaining. Perfect for parties, gatherings or just a casual game night.


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Items in this card

  • Wears socks with sandals
  • Actually enjoys small talk
  • Has a drawer full of unused batteries
  • Thinks Wi-Fi and internet are the same thing
  • Takes personality quizzes to confirm they're normal
  • Still has a flip phone and proud of it
  • Uses "password" as their password
  • Proudly owns a minivan
  • Tries to revive dead plants by talking to them
  • Believes expired milk is just a social construct
  • Tries to sound hip by using slang incorrectly
  • Overuses the phrase "Back in my day"
  • Can't find anything in a perfectly organized closet
  • Attempts cooking, sets off smoke alarm
  • Trusts weather forecasts, gets rained on
  • Believes in the five-second rule
  • Considers grocery shopping an extreme sport
  • Always misses the memo about dress code
  • Hides spare keys in the most obvious places
  • Refers to all video games as "Nintendo"
  • Reads instruction manuals for fun
  • Thinks they can fix anything with duct tape
  • Accidentally replies all in work emails
  • Proudly wears T-shirts with cheesy slogans
  • Insists on using a paper map for road trips

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