Phasmophobia drinking game bingo card template

Phasmophobia drinking game bingo

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Combine the thrill of ghost hunting with the spirit of party games. A card that adds a paranormal twist to your drinking game adventures.

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Items in this card

  • Ghost Hunt
  • EMF Reader
  • Sudden Temperature Drop
  • Spirit Box Response
  • Flickering Lights
  • Creepy Footsteps
  • Ouija Board Interaction
  • Photo of Ghost
  • Ghost Orb Discovery
  • Salt Pile Disturbed
  • Sanity Below 50%
  • Hunt Survival
  • Completed Objectives
  • Ghost Event Witness
  • Dirty Water Photograph
  • UV Light Findings
  • Ghost Writing Book
  • Smudge Stick Cleansing
  • Crucifix Protection
  • Van Monitor Sighting
  • Evidence Collection
  • Bone Evidence Photo
  • Solo Mission Success
  • Teammate Scream
  • Flashlight Off Challenge

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