Posh bingo

Posh bingo

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Elevate your game with a card that exudes elegance and luxury, featuring words and themes associated with the finer things in life.

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Items in this card

  • Someone pronouncing 'schedule' as 'shed-yool'
  • The tiniest smudge on a designer handbag causing a meltdown
  • Using Latin phrases in everyday conversation to sound more sophisticated
  • Referring to your parents as 'Mother' and 'Father'
  • Having a favorite polo team
  • Arguing whether it's 'scones' as in 'gone' or 'scones' as in 'cone'
  • A butler for your butler, just in case the first one gets tired
  • A debate over the best vintage year for Bordeaux wines
  • Using 'summer' as a verb
  • Monogrammed towels thicker than a dictionary
  • A purse that's more expensive than a car
  • The horror of realizing your yacht party clashes with the opera gala
  • Elevator music that’s actually Vivaldi
  • An umbrella that’s never seen a single raindrop
  • A picnic with more courses than a tasting menu
  • Only flying private because you can't bear the thought of queuing
  • High tea with a strict dress code
  • A disdain for anything 'off the rack'
  • Silent judgment over non-alcoholic champagne
  • Overseeing the proper mowing patterns on your lawns
  • Being flabbergasted that some houses don't have a library
  • Preferring horseback as a legitimate means of transportation
  • Choosing a tie not by color, but by the prestige of the club it represents
  • An antique globe bar that has never been spun
  • Owning a collection of top hats for every occasion

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