Pregnancy bingo

Pregnancy bingo

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Celebrate the journey to motherhood with our pregnancy bingo. This interactive game, filled with baby-related prompts, is perfect for baby showers or simply to share the excitement of pregnancy.


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Items in this card

  • Pretend the baby kicked when it didn't
  • Attempt to balance a cup on your belly
  • Wear a shirt that says "Bump Ahead!"
  • Elevator belly button inspection
  • Get hubby to paint your toenails
  • Hide snacks under the baby bump
  • Teach the baby Mozart through the belly
  • Try on pre-pregnancy jeans just for laughs
  • Send partner on a 2 AM pickle run
  • Create a new dance: The Waddle
  • Accidentally drop something and make someone else pick it up
  • Use belly as a popcorn holder during movie night
  • Act surprised at your own baby shower
  • Make your own weird pregnancy craving combo
  • Try out bizarre "labor-inducing" home remedies
  • Do the "belly doesn't fit through the door" test
  • Name the baby after the food you're craving
  • Tell people you're due any day now (even if you're not)
  • Wear a "Hands Off the Bump!" sign
  • Blame bizarre behavior on "baby brain"
  • Attempt a self-taken maternity photo shoot
  • Call dibs on the recliner because "baby needs it"
  • Conduct an experiment to see how many pillows you need to sleep
  • Randomly blurt out possible baby names during a meeting
  • Refuse to give up your seat because "baby is sitting here"

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