Spot the activity bingo

Spot the activity bingo

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Spot the fun! Look for people doing interesting things: moving, creating, playing, relaxing, exploring, and more.

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Items in this card

  • Someone jogging
  • Person walking a dog
  • Cyclist
  • Someone fishing
  • People having a picnic
  • Campers setting up a tent
  • Someone flying a kite
  • Kids playing in a park
  • Person mowing the lawn
  • Someone reading a book
  • Skateboarder
  • Person painting a picture
  • Someone playing a musical instrument
  • People playing a sport (soccer, basketball, etc.)
  • Person taking photographs
  • Someone washing a car
  • People playing Frisbee
  • Someone gardening
  • Person on a cell phone
  • Group of people having a barbecue
  • Someone flying a drone
  • Person hiking
  • Someone feeding birds
  • People riding horses
  • Person doing yoga or stretching

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