Spot the road sign bingo

Spot the road sign bingo

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Spot the road sign bingo! Keep your eyes peeled for common and unusual road signs. Mark them off as you go. Who will get bingo first?

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Items in this card

  • Stop sign
  • Speed limit sign
  • Yield sign
  • No U-turn sign
  • Construction sign
  • Railroad crossing
  • Pedestrian crossing sign
  • Detour sign
  • One-way sign
  • Exit sign
  • No parking sign
  • School zone sign
  • Merge sign
  • Slippery when wet sign
  • Deer crossing sign
  • Traffic light ahead sign
  • Dead end sign
  • Hospital sign
  • No entry sign
  • Roundabout sign
  • Weight limit sign
  • Bridge ahead sign
  • Divided highway sign
  • Truck crossing sign
  • Scenic route sign

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