Stoner bingo

Stoner bingo

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Elevate your next gathering with our stoner bingo card generator. It’s a fun, interactive way to enjoy your favourite pastime while testing your knowledge on all things cannabis-related.


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Items in this card

  • Munchie Maestro
  • High Ideals, Low Energy
  • Roll, Puff, Pass, Nap
  • Joint Committee Member
  • The Snack Whisperer
  • Couch Surfer Extraordinaire
  • The Bong Philosopher
  • 420/24/7
  • Master of the Wake and Bake
  • Hazy Memory Specialist
  • The Blunt Truth Speaker
  • Foggy Forecast Ahead
  • Gravitational Pull to the Fridge
  • Professional Loafer, Amateur Toaster
  • Too High for Drama
  • Lost in the Weed Bermuda Triangle
  • Snoop Dogg's Understudy
  • Napping with Intensity
  • Rolling a Joint, but Never in a Hurry
  • Grateful for the Dead… Heady
  • Smoke and Mirrors, Mostly Smoke
  • The Roach Clip Artist
  • Chronic Comedian
  • The Herb Enthusiast, Not the Gardener
  • Slow Burn, Fast Food

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