Story starters bingo card

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Spark creativity with Story Starters Bingo. Whether at home or in the classroom, boost independent learning with endless writing prompts. Edit with your own ideas or images.
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Story starters bingo card

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Our bingo card has 31 items related to story starters. Here is the complete list:

  • Write down everything you know about one of your family members.
  • It's recess but the playground is empty...
  • "Write a story about an ant that dreams of becoming a professional
  • basketball player."
  • The king shows up at your door...
  • You found the end of the rainbow...
  • One morning Sara wakes up and finds she is magnetic.
  • There are waffles everywhere.
  • Describe your dog's day when you are away.
  • She dodged the shark and swam fast...
  • "Congratulations! You are now the teacher and can teach any class you want.
  • Describe your lesson."
  • Describe something you can do better than anyone else you know.
  • "Your parents go out of town for the weekend leaving you with the house to
  • yourself. What will you do?"
  • Write about a place exactly like Earth but with one major difference.
  • Describe your perfect bedroom.
  • "A mean looking man walks into a store wearing a silly hat. Describe him
  • and his hat."
  • Describe your perfect hideout. Where would it be? What would be in it?
  • Think of your favorite villain. Write a story from their point of view.
  • A boy quickly sticks something in his backpack. What is it and why?
  • Tell someone's entire life story in one sentence.
  • Invent a new type of bath towel.
  • Invent a new word. What does it mean?
  • "Snap! You are now a famous historical person back in time during one of
  • their typical days. Describe."
  • A new island has been discovered and you are in charge of it. Describe.
  • "You wake up one morning and find you are now a family's dog. Tell about
  • your life."
  • People ______ed much differently a long time ago...
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