The Bachelor bingo

The Bachelor bingo

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Get ready for the ultimate reality TV bingo experience with The Bachelor template. From rose ceremonies to dramatic moments, this template has all the elements that make the show a fan favorite. Will you find love or heartbreak? Let the journey begin…

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Items in this card

  • First Impression Rose mentioned
  • Someone says, "I'm not here to make friends"
  • Unplanned private concert
  • Over-the-top limo entrance
  • Tears before the first rose ceremony
  • Someone interrupts, "Can I steal him for a second?"
  • Mysterious contestant injury
  • Awkward silence during a one-on-one date
  • Dramatic confrontation in the mansion
  • Champagne mishap or toast gone wrong
  • A surprise visitor or ex shows up
  • Someone admits they've never been in love before
  • Helicopter date
  • Exotic animal interaction on a date
  • Group date that ends in drama
  • Unexpected twist from the host
  • Someone "isn't here for the right reasons"
  • Fear of heights on a date challenge
  • Secret note or letter revealed
  • Bold fashion statement at the rose ceremony
  • Mid-date contestant exit
  • Pool or hot tub scene
  • Dramatic storm or rain during a pivotal moment
  • Mention of a "connection" or "journey"
  • "Will you accept this rose?"
  • Dance with no music playing
  • Someone gets the coveted one-on-one date card
  • Contestant gives a toast about "finding love"
  • Unexplained disappearance of a contestant
  • A bachelor or contestant says, "This is the hardest decision ever"

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