Urgent care bingo

Urgent care bingo

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Elevate your team’s morale in urgent care settings with our custom bingo card generator. Use the urgent care bingo template to create engaging, educational games that foster teamwork and learning.


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Items in this card

  • "Thought it was just a cold"
  • Wearing Pajamas
  • "Walked into a door"
  • "I don't need a flu shot"
  • Self-Diagnosed via Internet
  • "Is it too late for a tetanus shot?"
  • Patient with Hilarious T-shirt
  • "Thought the pain would go away"
  • Bringing in WebMD Printouts
  • "I'm not good with needles"
  • "Slipped in the shower"
  • Lost Something Up Their Nose
  • "It's probably just food poisoning"
  • Wearing Sunglasses Indoors
  • "Definitely not a spider bite"
  • Arrived in an Uber instead of Ambulance
  • "Only two cups of coffee today"
  • "Is this contagious?"
  • "I never get sick"
  • "I tried treating it with essential oils"
  • "I was fine until this morning"
  • "Is this going to hurt?"
  • "Can I have a lollipop?"
  • "Didn't think it was broken"
  • Patient Cracking Jokes with Staff

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