Vampire Diaries bingo

Vampire Diaries bingo

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Immerse yourself in the supernatural with a card dedicated to the characters, locations, and iconic moments from “The Vampire Diaries.”

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Items in this card

  • Damon makes a sarcastic comment
  • Stefan broods over something
  • Elena writes in her diary
  • Someone says "It's complicated"
  • A character drinks from a blood bag
  • Bonnie does a spell
  • Klaus shows his artistic side
  • Caroline gives someone relationship advice
  • New supernatural creature introduced
  • A Salvatore brother takes off his shirt
  • Mystic Falls event or party
  • Jeremy sees a ghost
  • Flashback episode to past centuries
  • A character is compelled
  • A vampire speeds away
  • Alaric the history teacher moment
  • Someone talks about "the cure"
  • Gilbert house front door gets destroyed
  • Unexpected plot twist
  • The "doppelgänger" is mentioned
  • An alliance forms between enemies
  • Mystic Grill scene
  • Someone gets killed and comes back to life
  • Love triangle tension
  • A cliffhanger ending

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