Walking bingo

Walking bingo

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Energise your walks with our custom walking bingo cards. Spot and mark off sights, sounds, or events you encounter, turning your stroll into an engaging, interactive game.


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Items in this card

  • Friendly Dog Encounter
  • Neighborhood Cat Watch
  • Stroller Parade
  • Jogger's Nod
  • Garden Flower Admiration
  • Park Bench Rest
  • Street Performer Surprise
  • Sidewalk Chalk Art
  • Puddle Jump Challenge
  • Sunny Weather Smile
  • Sudden Rain Dash
  • Local Cafe Aroma
  • Construction Detour
  • Bird Feeder Visit
  • Playground Laughter
  • Squirrel Scamper
  • Crosswalk Wait
  • Public Art Discovery
  • Tree Shade Relief
  • Yard Sale Find
  • Morning Walker Greeting
  • Evening Sunset Glow
  • Nature Trail Exploration
  • City Skyline View
  • Historic Landmark Interest
  • Community Garden Charm
  • Lost Item Hunt
  • Street Music Melody
  • Outdoor Exercise Group
  • Seasonal Decoration Display

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