Baby shower ideas: Themes, decor & more

Explore enchanting baby shower themes, creative decorations, delightful food and drink ideas, heartfelt favors, and practical planning tips to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new life in a memorable and joyous way.

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Feb 12, 2024
Baby shower ideas: Themes, decor & more

Baby showers are a heartfelt way to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new baby, bringing together friends and family to share in the excitement and joy. These gatherings can vary widely in style, theme, and activities, reflecting the personality and preferences of the expectant parents. From traditional gatherings with games and gift-giving to more modern, unique celebrations, baby showers are a cherished ritual that marks a significant life milestone.

Themed baby shower ideas

Choosing a theme for a baby shower can turn a special occasion into an unforgettable event. Themes can range from classic and elegant to whimsical and unique, setting the tone for decorations, activities, and even the menu. In this section, we explore a variety of themed baby shower ideas, each designed to inspire and delight both expectant parents and their guests. From serene garden parties and adventurous globetrotting celebrations to playful and nostalgia-inspired gatherings, there's a theme for every taste and style.

General themes

Garden theme

orange leafed tree with orange banderittas

Envision a serene garden setting with floral decorations, potted plant favors, and a menu filled with fresh, garden-inspired eats. This theme is perfect for outdoor lovers and can be easily adapted to any outdoor space or brought indoors with the right decor.

High tea party

chocolate cake with strawberry on top on white ceramic plate

A High Tea Party theme offers a sophisticated twist, featuring elegant teacups, scones, and an assortment of finger sandwiches. Decorate with pastel colors and floral arrangements to create a refined atmosphere.

Spa shower day

woman in white bath tub

Treat the mom-to-be and her guests to a day of relaxation with a spa-themed baby shower. Think mini facials, manicures, and soothing massages amidst a tranquil setting.

Movie night

white and red plastic packs

Host a cozy movie night under the stars or indoors, showcasing favorite childhood films or heartwarming family classics. Offer popcorn, blankets, and a candy bar for a laid-back, enjoyable evening.

Under the sea

Close Up Photo of Clownfish

Dive into a magical under-the-sea themed shower with oceanic decor, seafood snacks, and mermaid-inspired games. It's a whimsical theme that promises a splash of fun.

Nostalgia-inspired themes

clear and green Nintendo GameBoy on white surface

Tap into the power of nostalgia with a baby shower that revisits the parents-to-be's favorite childhood memories, toys, and TV shows. This theme is highly personalized and evokes a sense of warmth and familiarity.

Adventure awaits

white and green state maps

Inspire a sense of adventure with a travel or exploration-themed shower. Decorate with maps, globes, and vintage suitcases, encouraging the new family to dream of future journeys together.

Baby shower ideas for boys

Safari theme

zebra in wild

Bring the wild into your celebration with a safari-themed baby shower, complete with animal prints, lush greenery, and exotic animal decorations.

Mustache theme

man mini figure

A whimsical mustache theme is both charming and playful, featuring mustache decor and games that are sure to elicit smiles and laughter.

Little sailor theme

Drone view of yacht sailing in sea water

Set sail with a nautical baby shower, adorned with anchors, sailboats, and navy blue and white stripes, perfect for a little sailor on the way.

Sports theme

brown basketball on basketball hoop

Celebrate the upcoming arrival of a little sports fan with a shower themed around the parents' favorite sports or teams, incorporating games, decorations, and snacks that reflect the theme.

Superhero theme

selective focus photography of boy wearing black Batman cape

Create a heroic setting with a superhero-themed baby shower, featuring decorations and activities inspired by classic and beloved superheroes, encouraging guests to come dressed as their favorite characters.

Cute baby shower ideas

Baby in bloom

white and beige flowers

Celebrate new beginnings with a "Baby in Bloom" theme, incorporating floral arrangements, seed packet favors, and garden-inspired activities.

Little lamb theme

a lamb standing in the grass behind a fence

A "Little Lamb" theme offers a soft, sweet setting for a baby shower, with fluffy decorations, woolen textures, and gentle, pastel colors.

Teddy bear picnic

Girl Sitting Beside A Teddy Bear

Host a charming teddy bear picnic, inviting guests to bring their favorite teddy bears to join in a cozy, outdoor gathering with picnic baskets, blankets, and classic picnic foods.

Butterfly garden

monarch butterfly perched on pink flower in close up photography during daytime

Transform the party space into a butterfly garden with colorful butterfly decorations, floral arrangements, and a menu featuring light, airy treats reminiscent of a garden in bloom.

Sunshine and rainbows

rainbow under cloudy sky during daytime

Brighten the day with a sunshine and rainbows theme, using vibrant colors, cheerful decorations, and activities that spread joy and positivity among guests.

Simple baby shower ideas

A baby sprinkle

group of women facing backward

Ideal for second-time parents, a "Baby Sprinkle" is a low-key version of a traditional baby shower, focusing on essentials and reinforcing the network of support, with simple decorations and a modest guest list to celebrate the new addition.

Potluck party

brown wooden chopping board on brown wooden table

Embrace community spirit with a potluck party, where guests contribute a dish, simplifying planning and food preparation. This approach fosters a warm, communal atmosphere and allows for a diverse spread of homemade dishes.

Book-themed shower

book lot on table

Encourage guests to bring a favorite children’s book instead of a card, building the baby's library. Decorations and snacks can be inspired by popular children's stories, creating a cozy, literary atmosphere.

Backyard BBQ

people's feet on top of firepit

A Backyard BBQ baby shower is perfect for a casual and relaxed celebration. It allows families to enjoy good weather, great food, and a laid-back vibe, with simple outdoor games and BBQ staples.

Coffee and cake

brown and green dish on white ceramic plate

A coffee and cake baby shower keeps it simple and sweet, perfect for smaller gatherings. Set up a cozy coffee bar with a selection of cakes and pastries for a warm, inviting celebration.

Fun baby shower ideas

“Ice Ice Babies” theme

stacked ice cubes of different flavors

An "Ice Ice Babies" theme is a playful nod to the 90s hit, with a cool, icy décor palette of blues and whites, serving frozen treats and ice-themed games to entertain guests.

“Oh Baby” theme

kid sitting beside round cake close-up photography

The "Oh Baby" theme is versatile and lively, featuring bold decorations, cheerful games, and a playlist of baby-themed songs. It's an upbeat celebration that uses the phrase "Oh Baby" as a fun motif throughout the event.

Baby Olympics

sliced fruit on brown cake

For a playful twist, organize a "Baby Olympics," with guests participating in baby-related games and challenges. Award medals for events like diaper changing races and baby food tasting contests.

Karaoke baby bash

Selective Focus Photography Of Microphone On Microphone Stand

A karaoke baby bash invites guests to sing their favorite lullabies or baby-related songs, creating a joyful, music-filled atmosphere. It's a fun way to celebrate and enjoy each other's company.

Retro baby shower

White Cassette Tape

Throwback to a different era with a retro baby shower, choosing a specific decade as the theme. Decorate with period-appropriate items, play music from the time, and encourage guests to dress in vintage styles.

Cheap baby shower ideas

Buffet baby shower

High angle of delicious cakes with creamy topping and berries placed on wooden plate on buffet table

A buffet baby shower allows for a varied menu at a lower cost, with simple, homemade dishes that guests can enjoy. This approach is budget-friendly and can cater to different dietary preferences.

DIY decorations

Foil Curtains in Close-up Shot

Encourage creativity with DIY decorations, creating a personalized and affordable setting. Use materials like paper, fabric, and natural elements to craft unique decor items that enhance the theme without overspending.

Digital invitations

Woman Looking At Laptop

Skip the traditional paper invites and opt for digital invitations instead. There are many free or low-cost options that look great and are easy to customize and send, saving on printing and postage.

Public park gathering

four boy playing ball on green grass

Host the baby shower in a public park, taking advantage of free space and natural beauty. A picnic setup with outdoor games can create a lovely celebration without the cost of a venue.

Borrow, don't buy

cake with icings served on desert plates

Borrow items like tableware, decorations, and serving dishes from friends and family instead of purchasing new. This not only saves money but also adds a personal touch to the celebration.

Unique baby shower ideas

The Great Gatsby theme

Woman Wearing Diamond Studded Flapper Headband

Channel the extravagance of the Roaring '20s with a Great Gatsby-themed shower, complete with art deco decorations, jazz music, and mocktail versions of classic cocktails. Encourage guests to dress in period attire for a glamorous affair.

Fairytale baby shower

Person Jumping Photo

Create a magical setting with a fairytale baby shower, drawing inspiration from beloved stories and characters. Use whimsical decorations, storybook quotes, and themed activities to transport guests to a world of fantasy.

Around the world

Person Holding World Globe Facing Mountain

Celebrate cultures and cuisines from around the globe with an "Around the World" theme. Decorate with maps and globes, serve international dishes, and include games or activities that highlight different cultures.

Science fiction fantasy

Blue Universe

For fans of the genre, a science fiction fantasy theme can be a blast, featuring decorations and games inspired by popular sci-fi and fantasy stories. Think space, aliens, dragons, and wizards to create an otherworldly atmosphere.

Eco-friendly shower

Three Green Assorted Plants in White Ceramic Pots

Plan an eco-friendly baby shower, focusing on sustainability with digital invitations, biodegradable decor, and a menu featuring organic, locally sourced foods. Encourage gifts that are eco-conscious, like reusable diapers or organic baby clothes.

Creative decorations and activities

assorted-color confetti on floor

Decorations and activities are the heart of any party, and baby showers are no exception. They not only beautify the space but also keep guests entertained and engaged. In this section, we delve into creative ideas for DIY photo booths, handmade centerpieces, and interactive decoration stations, alongside fun and memorable activities that can be tailored to any shower theme. These ideas aim to spark creativity and ensure that every aspect of the shower is personal, thoughtful, and enjoyable for everyone involved.

DIY photo booth

Assorted-color Mask and Glasses

Set up a DIY photo booth with a fabric backdrop or a frame adorned with theme-related decorations. Provide props like funny hats, glasses, and themed items for guests to use. This not only serves as a fun activity but also creates lasting memories for the guests and the parents-to-be.

Decorative elements

  • Handcrafted centerpieces: Create unique centerpieces that match the baby shower theme, using items like flowers, balloons, and baby items (bottles, pacifiers). These can be arranged in creative ways on tables or around the venue.
  • Personalized banners: Design personalized banners with the baby’s name or sweet messages like "Welcome Baby!" or "Baby [Last Name] on the Way!" You can use various materials such as paper, fabric, or even digital designs projected onto walls.
  • Thematic table settings: Use tablecloths, dishes, and napkins that align with the baby shower theme. Adding small thematic touches, like napkin rings or place cards, can elevate the look.
  • Lighting to set the mood: String lights, lanterns, or candles can transform a space and make it feel warm and welcoming. Choose lighting that complements the time of day and the overall theme.
  • Interactive decoration stations: Set up stations where guests can contribute to the decorations, such as a onesie decorating station or a build-a-mobile station. This not only adds to the decor but also involves guests in a memorable way.


baby lying on inflatable ring
  • Guess the baby item: Place several baby-related items in a bag and have guests feel them without looking. They must guess the items based on touch.
  • Baby bucket list: Provide cards or a decorative board where guests can write down wishes or advice for the baby, creating a touching keepsake.
  • Baby shower bingo: Customize bingo cards with items that the mom-to-be might receive as gifts. Guests play bingo as she opens her presents.

Or why not try one of our baby shower pre-made bingo templates:

  • Diaper messages: Provide markers and diapers for guests to write funny or encouraging messages on. These "midnight diapers" offer the parents-to-be a small chuckle during late-night changes.
  • Photo guessing game: Ask guests to bring baby photos of themselves and have everyone guess who is who, adding a personal and nostalgic touch to the gathering.

For more comprehensive game ideas, including instructions and tips for engaging guests of all ages, refer to our more detailed post on baby shower games. This collection is designed to ensure that your baby shower is not only beautifully decorated but also filled with laughter, fun, and memorable moments.

Food and drink ideas

Two Doughnuts in Brown Box

The food and drink offerings at a baby shower can be as much a part of the celebration as the gifts and games. Whether you're planning a sophisticated high tea, a laid-back backyard BBQ, or a themed buffet, this section provides a wealth of ideas for themed snacks, desserts, mocktails, and custom drinks. From elegant bites and sweet treats to refreshing non-alcoholic beverages, these suggestions will help you cater to every guest's taste and make the culinary aspect of the shower a delightful highlight.

Themed snacks and desserts

Woman taking raw dumpling with bamboo chopsticks

Crafting a menu that complements the baby shower theme not only delights guests but also enhances the overall atmosphere. Consider these ideas:

  • Character-themed cupcakes: For a fairytale or superhero theme, cupcakes decorated to resemble characters from the story or comic books can be a hit.
  • Garden party bites: For a garden theme, think fresh: Caprese skewers, fruit tarts, and vegetable crudité with herb dips.
  • Seafood delights for an under-the-sea theme: Mini crab cakes, shrimp cocktails, and seaweed salad can immerse guests in the theme.
  • International treats for an around-the-world shower: Offer a tasting menu featuring small bites from different countries, like sushi rolls, mini tacos, and Italian bruschetta.

Mocktails and custom drinks

Glasses of delicious cold lemonade decorated with lemon slice and berries on wooden board in light studio

Non-alcoholic drinks can be just as festive and creative as their alcoholic counterparts, especially when they're crafted to fit the shower's theme:

  • Signature mocktail: Create a signature mocktail that reflects the theme's colors or flavors. For example, a blueberry lemonade for a "Little Sailor" theme.
  • Custom drink stations: Set up a DIY mocktail station with various juices, sodas, and garnishes, allowing guests to mix their own creations.
  • Themed tea blends: For a high tea party, offer a selection of teas, from classic Earl Grey to floral chamomiles, along with honey, lemon, and milk to customize each cup.
  • Fruit-infused water: Serve refreshing fruit-infused water in large dispensers. Combinations like cucumber-mint, strawberry-basil, or citrus-ginger are not only delicious but also visually appealing.

Favors and parting gifts

Pregnant Woman at a Baby Shower Party

Favors and parting gifts are a lovely way to thank guests for their presence and participation in the baby shower. This section offers creative and heartfelt ideas for both personalized keepsakes and DIY gifts that guests can treasure as a reminder of the special day. Whether it's customized ornaments, handmade soaps, or knitted booties, these thoughtful mementos serve as a token of appreciation and a lasting memory of the celebration.

Personalized keepsakes

person holding 2 women photo

Personalized keepsakes create lasting memories of the day. Consider these thoughtful ideas:

  • Customized ornaments: Offer ornaments personalized with the baby's name or shower date. These are especially fitting for showers close to the holiday season.
  • Engraved keychains: Keychains engraved with the baby shower date or a sweet message serve as a daily reminder of the special event.
  • Photo frames: Give guests small photo frames that can later be filled with a photo from the photo booth, personalizing it further with the shower's date or theme.

DIY gifts

white cheese on brown wooden table

Handmade gifts add a personal touch that store-bought favors can't match. Here are a few DIY gift ideas:

  • Handmade soaps: Craft soaps in shapes and colors that match the baby shower theme. Natural ingredients and essential oils can add a special touch.
  • Seed packets: For a garden-themed shower, seed packets with a message like "Watch Love Grow" are both thematic and eco-friendly.
  • Knitted booties or hats: If you're skilled in knitting or crochet, small booties or hats are a charming and warm-hearted favor, especially for showers in cooler months.
  • DIY spice blends: Create your own spice blends, package them in small jars, and attach a recipe card that uses the blend. This is a unique favor that guests can enjoy long after the shower.

Choosing the right combination of food, drinks, and parting gifts can turn a baby shower from a simple gathering into a memorable celebration. These ideas should cater to a wide range of themes and preferences, ensuring that every guest leaves with fond memories and a smile.

Planning tips and considerations

Pens And Journal

Budgeting advice

Organizing a memorable baby shower doesn't have to strain your finances. Here are some budget-friendly strategies:

  • Prioritize expenses: Determine what aspects of the shower are most important to the parents-to-be. Allocate more of your budget to these areas and look for savings elsewhere.
  • DIY where possible: Handmade decorations, invitations, and favors can significantly reduce costs. Enlist the help of creative friends and family members.
  • Choose a free venue: Hosting the shower at someone's home or a free public space, like a park (weather permitting), can eliminate rental costs.
  • Potluck-style refreshments: Asking guests to bring a dish to share not only eases the financial burden but also adds variety to the menu.
  • Digital invitations: Opt for digital invites over traditional paper ones. There are many free or low-cost options that are easy to customize and send.

Virtual shower tips

MacBook Pro on top of brown table

With more people connecting online, virtual baby showers have become a popular alternative. Here's how to ensure a successful online celebration:

  • Choose the right platform: Select a video conferencing platform that's easy for all guests to use. Consider platforms that allow for custom backgrounds to match the shower theme.
  • Plan interactive activities: Engage guests with virtual games and activities. Many traditional baby shower games can be adapted for a virtual setting.
  • Send digital invitations: Use digital invites to provide all the necessary details, including the date, time, platform link, and any instructions for games or activities.
  • Consider time zones: If guests are spread across different time zones, choose a time that's as convenient as possible for the majority.
  • Mail party favors: Consider sending small favors or decorations to guests ahead of the shower to create a sense of unity and participation during the virtual event.

Planning a baby shower, whether in-person or virtual, requires careful consideration of various factors to ensure the event is enjoyable and memorable for the parents-to-be and their guests. By following these tips and considering budget-friendly options, creative activities, and the unique aspects of virtual gatherings, you can organize a celebration that honors the new arrival in style.


Planning a baby shower is a beautiful way to celebrate the impending arrival of a new life. Whether you opt for a traditional gathering, a themed party, or a virtual event, the key is to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere that reflects the joy and excitement of the occasion. By incorporating thoughtful decorations, engaging activities, and considerate planning, you can ensure a memorable celebration for the parents-to-be and their guests. Remember, the most important element of any baby shower is the love and support it represents for the growing family.

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