Bingo terminology: The complete A-Z

Discover the world of bingo with our comprehensive A-Z glossary. Enhance your game, learn the lingo, and join the vibrant community of players.

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Nov 17, 2023
Bingo terminology: The complete A-Z

Bingo, a game of chance, luck, and a whole lot of fun, comes with its own language. Understanding bingo terminology enhances the gaming experience, whether you're playing online with Bingo Card Creator or in a traditional bingo hall. Here's a comprehensive A-Z list of bingo terms you might encounter. Get ready to dive into the exciting world of bingo lingo!


  • Admission Packet: The minimum number of cards you must purchase to be eligible to participate in a bingo game.
  • Auto-Daub: A feature in online bingo that automatically marks the numbers on your card as they are called.


  • Blackout: A pattern where you must cover all spots on your bingo card to win.
  • Bingo Card: The card containing a grid of numbers used to play bingo.
  • Bingo Hall: A place where bingo lovers commune to play bingo.
  • Bonanza Bingo: A progressive coverall jackpot that is typically played as the 13th game in a bingo session.


  • Caller: The person who calls out the numbers in a bingo game. It could also refer to an online caller.
  • Coverall: A bingo pattern where you need to cover all the numbers on your bingo card.


  • Dauber: A special pen-like ink marker used to mark off numbers on a bingo card.
  • Diamond: A pattern in bingo where you need to cover a diamond-shaped pattern on your card.


  • Early Bird Game: A bingo game that is played before the main session begins.
  • Electronic Bingo: Playing bingo using an electronic device that tracks your cards for you.


  • Flimsies: Thin, paper bingo cards, often used for special games.
  • Four Corners: A pattern where you must cover all four corners of your bingo card to win.


  • Game Board: The display board that shows the numbers that have been called.
  • G.T.I.: An electronic dauber system used in bingo halls.


  • Hard Card: A reusable bingo card made of cardboard.
  • Hardway Bingo: A bingo win that is achieved without the use of the free space.


  • Instant Bingo: A game where a player can win immediately after buying a ticket, typically played with scratch-off cards.
  • Inlaid Card: Permanent bingo cards built into the bingo table.


  • Jackpot: A large prize awarded for achieving a difficult pattern, like a blackout, within a specific number of balls.
  • Jumper: A game where the jackpot increases with each game until it's won.


  • Kite: A pattern in the shape of a kite on a bingo card.
  • King's Corners: A pattern where you cover all four corners and the middle square of your bingo card.


  • Late Night Bingo: Bingo games that start late in the evening.
  • Lights Out: The final game of a bingo session, often a blackout game.


  • Money Ball: A number drawn before the game that doubles a player's winnings if bingo is hit on that number.
  • Moonlight Bingo: Another term for Late Night Bingo.


  • Nine-Pack: A pattern consisting of a block of nine numbers.
  • No Deposit Bingo: Online bingo games where you can play without making a monetary deposit.


  • Overlay: A prize that's more valuable than the game's cost.


  • Payout: The percentage of sales paid out by the house.
  • Pattern: The shape you need to cover on your card with called numbers to win.


  • Quickie: A game where numbers are called as quickly as possible, often used in blackout games.


  • Session: A set of consecutive bingo games played in one day.
  • Speed Bingo: A variation of bingo with a faster pace and typically fewer numbers.


  • Texas Blackout: A variation of blackout bingo where the first number called determines whether all even or all odd numbers are wild.


  • Under: Refers to the numbers under a specific letter in the bingo card. For example, B-Under would include numbers 1-15.
  • Upwards: A game where the prize increases with each game that's played.


  • Validation: An additional fee paid to qualify for a larger jackpot.
  • Vertical Bingo: Winning a game by covering all the numbers in a vertical line on the bingo card.


  • Wildcard Number: A number that can be used to represent any other number in a pattern.
  • Wrap Up: The final game of a bingo session.


  • X-Marks the Spot: A game where the pattern to win is in the shape of an X on the bingo card.

Final words

In wrapping up our dive into the delightful world of bingo lingo, remember that each term adds a unique flavor to your game. Whether you're marking cards at a local hall or enjoying an online session with Bingo Card Creator, this glossary will not only guide you but also enhance your enjoyment of this timeless game.

Bingo is more than just numbers and luck; it's a vibrant community tradition, full of fun and excitement. Embrace these terms in your next game, and see how they bring a new dimension to your play. And for those personalized bingo experiences, Bingo Card Creator is always ready to add that special touch.

Here's to many more games of joyous shouts of "Bingo!" - may your cards be lucky, and your daubers never run dry!

The Bingo Card Creator Team

The Bingo Card Creator Team

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