20 delightful dinner party games

Elevate your dinner party to epic levels with 20 games designed to entertain, amuse, and break the ice. Say goodbye to awkward silences forever.

  • November 9, 2023
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25 dinner party games

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Ah, dinner parties—the social equivalent of a warm hug from grandma. But let's be honest, not everyone comes for the Beef Wellington or the vegan lasagna. Sometimes it's about the fun that kicks in post-dinner. So, put on your party hat (but not too tight, we're keeping it classy), and let’s dive into 20 games that will spice up your dinner party!

1. Charades


Unleash your inner mime! Act out words or phrases while guests hazard guesses. Hilarity ensues, guaranteed.

How to Play:

One person acts out a word without speaking, while the other guests try to guess what it is.

Top Tip: Use a timer to add a dash of urgency!

2. Who Am I?

magnifying glass

Channel your inner detective and celebrity. Ask yes-or-no questions to figure out the famous face taped to your forehead.

How to Play:

Everyone gets a card stuck to their forehead with a celebrity name and they ask yes/no questions to figure out who they are.

3. Two Truths and a Lie

Deception's never been so fun. Share two truths and one lie, then let the group call your bluff. Ice, broken!

How to Play:

Each person says two true things and one false thing about themselves, and others guess the lie.

4. Pictionary

sketch pad and coloring pens

Test your doodle skills in a frantic race against time. Draw, guess, and laugh your way to victory.

How to Play:

Players draw the phrase or word on a paper while others guess. No words or gestures allowed!

Top Tip: Use a whiteboard for easy erasing and added flair!

5. 20 Questions

Question Marks on Paper Crafts

Become a psychic for the night. Guess what others are thinking using only yes-or-no questions. Mind-reading 101!

How to Play:

One person thinks of an object and others get to ask 20 yes/no questions to find out what it is.

6. Bingo

bingo numbers

Unleash the bingo master in you! Whether you're dabbing numbers or emojis, this game's got something for everyone.

How to Play:

Bingo doesn't have to be traditional! There are many alternative ways to enjoy the game that are perfect for a dinner party! Here are a few ideas, alongside some templates to get you started!:

  • Adult Ice Breaker: Armed with bingo cards featuring some cheeky challenges or risqué questions, get to know each other beyond small talk. Line up those dares, complete them, and shout "Bingo!" You won't just break the ice; you'll smash it!
  • Summer Cocktails: Ready to shake up your usual game night? Cocktail Bingo combines your favorite drinks with the classic game, swapping numbers for images of delightful cocktails. Be the first to line up a row, column, or diagonal of boozy concoctions, and you're the toast of the evening!
  • The Office TV Show: Is "That's what she said" your mantra? Office TV Show Bingo is for you! Turn on an episode and get your bingo cards ready—each featuring iconic scenes from the series. When Michael does something cringeworthy or Dwight shouts "Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica," mark it off. Line 'em up and shout "Bingo!"—you're the Dunder Mifflin champ!

Top Tip: Want to add a personal touch? Customize your entire bingo card, from colors to grid sizes, with our nifty bingo card generator.

7. Mafia

Engage in a cerebral battle of wits and deceit. Will you be the cunning Mafia or the analytical Townsperson? Choose wisely! A mind-bending game of strategy, deceit, and guesswork. You'll be either a stealthy Mafia member or an investigative Townsperson. The aim? Outwit and outlast your opponents.

How to Play:

  1. Assign Roles:
    • Distribute cards or pieces of paper with roles written on them to each player. Roles typically include Mafia, Townspeople, and special roles like the Detective or the Doctor.
  2. Night Phase:
    • Everyone closes their eyes. The moderator cues the Mafia to wake up and silently choose a Townsperson to eliminate. Mafia members then go back to "sleep."
    • Special roles like the Detective may also wake up to use their abilities.
  3. Day Phase:
    • Everyone "wakes up," and the moderator announces who was eliminated in the night.
    • The surviving players discuss who they suspect is a Mafia member.
  4. Vote:
    • After discussion, players vote on who to "lynch" (eliminate). The person with the most votes is out and their role is revealed.
  5. Repeat:
    • Continue the Night and Day phases, alternating until either all Mafia are eliminated or the Mafia outnumber the Townspeople.
  6. Declare Winners:
    • If all Mafia are eliminated, Townspeople win. If Mafia outnumber or equal the Townspeople, the Mafia wins.

Top Tip: Keep your poker face on! Whether you're Mafia trying to deceive or a Townsperson trying to sniff out the truth, your expressions can give you away.

8. Trivia

Unleash your inner nerd! Categories abound, from geography to pop culture. Let the best brainiac win.

How to Play:

The host asks questions from various categories, and players or teams write down their answers.

9. Musical Chairs

assorted-color chair lot

Like musical statues, but with a comfy landing. Scramble for a seat when the music stops. Ready, set, sit!

How to Play:

Players walk around chairs while music plays. When the music stops, everyone must find a chair to sit in.

10. Scavenger Hunt

person showing white envelope

Send your guests scampering around the house searching for odd items you've hidden. First one to find everything can claim the last slice of dessert!

How to Play:

Players have to find a list of items around the house within a set time. Elevate the fun with a scavenger hunt bingo card. Ready, set, hunt!

Top Tip: Spice it up by hiding the list of items inside sealed envelopes!

11. Password

Flex your vocabulary! Use single-word clues to help your partner guess the secret word. Less is more.

How to Play:

Partners try to guess the words their teammate is describing, but with a one-word clue.

12. Never Have I Ever

orange cocktail

Turn confessions into a game. Make daring claims and find out who among your friends is the most adventurous. Cheers!

How to Play:

Players take turns saying something they’ve never done. Whoever has done it takes a sip of their drink.

13. Telephone

whispering women

Whisper, giggle, repeat. Pass a message around the circle and watch it morph into something utterly hilarious.

How to Play:

One person whispers a message to the next, and the message goes around until the last person says it out loud.

14. Taboo

Word-guessing on hard mode! Describe a term without using the most obvious clues. Time's ticking!

How to Play:

Describe a word to your team without using certain ‘taboo’ words.

15. Cards Against Humanity

cards against humanity

Get ready for chuckles and raised eyebrows. Complete sentences with outlandish phrases for shocking hilarity.

How to Play:

Fill in the blanks of a sentence with politically incorrect or risqué phrases.

16. Jenga


A tower of fun! Pull blocks, stack 'em high, and pray you're not the one to send it all tumbling down.

How to Play:

Players take turns removing a block from the tower without making it topple.

17. Sardines

Play hide-and-seek with a fun twist!A thrilling showdown until only one seeker is left standing.

How to Play:

One person hides and everyone else looks for them. Finders join the hider until one person is left.

18. Murder Mystery

dark dining party table

Dress up, role-play, and solve a crime. A perfect mix of suspense and laughter. Whodunnit? You decide.

How to Play:

Each guest receives a character role and some confidential information. As the evening unfolds, everyone interacts and shares clues to unravel who among them is the "murderer." Serve your alibis with appetizers, and let the detective work commence!

19. Catch Phrase

Hot potato with words. Describe phrases for your team to guess, but hurry, the clock's ticking!

How to Play:

Get your team to guess the phrase on the card without using any part of it in your clue.

20. Hot Seat

Empty Brown Wooden Armless Chair

Candid questions, on-the-spot answers. Put one person in the spotlight and let the questions roll.

How to Play:

Have guests write down questions and put them in a bowl. One by one, each person sits in the "hot seat" and draws a question they must answer. Let's just say, you'll be dishing out more than just food!


There you have it, folks! A game list fresher than your aunt's homemade lemonade. Pick your favorites, let the games begin, and may the best dinner party win! 🎉

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