100+ scavenger hunt clues & riddles

Dive into our ultimate guide to 100+ scavenger hunt clues and riddles for all ages and occasions.

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May 28, 2024
100+ scavenger hunt clues & riddles

Who doesn’t love the thrill of a scavenger hunt? It combines the excitement of a quest with the joy of finding hidden treasures. Whether you're planning fun for kids, a challenging trail for adults, or a holiday-themed hunt, we’ve got you covered with over 100 clues and riddles for every occasion. So, grab your thinking cap and get ready to hunt!

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How to plan a scavenger hunt

Planning a scavenger hunt may sound daunting, but with a little preparation, it can be a breeze! Start by choosing a theme that fits your occasion—be it a birthday party, holiday event, or just a fun day outdoors. Next, map out your locations and decide where each clue will be hidden. Remember, a mix of easy and challenging clues keeps everyone engaged.

Craft your clues and riddles to match the theme and hide them in your chosen spots. If you're looking for inspiration, check out the templates on our platform to get a head start. With Bingo Card Creator, you can customize and print your clues effortlessly, making the entire process smoother and more manageable.

Finally, gather your participants, explain the rules, and let the adventure begin. And don't forget to have a master list of clues and answers on hand to keep track of the hunt’s progress. Happy hunting!

Easter scavenger hunt clues

  • "This is where the bunny hides his loot, often in a basket so cute." (Easter Basket)
  • "I’m hidden among freshly cut grass, in a place where eggs are often passed." (Lawn)
  • "In a place where you can find sweets, I wait among the chocolate treats." (Candy Jar)
  • "Underneath this item where letters lie, find your next clue hiding quite sly." (Mailbox)
  • "Near the flowers that bloom and grow, you'll find me where the tulips glow." (Flower Bed)
  • "Look inside the place where you bake, something sweet might be at stake." (Oven)
  • "At the base of a tree where squirrels play, an egg or clue may lay." (Tree Base)
  • "Hidden where you keep your forks and spoons, your next hint hums springtime tunes." (Cutlery Drawer)
  • "Find me where the family dines, beneath the table where you wine and dine." (Dining Table)
  • "Check out the spot where books abound, your next clue can surely be found." (Bookshelf)
  • "In the place where coats are hung, search above where hats are flung." (Coat Rack)
  • "Look where you keep the food cold, a clue awaits, as you’ve been told." (Refrigerator)
  • "Where you scrub and wash your clothes, a secret hunt clue shows." (Washing Machine)
  • "In a place warm with comfort and cheer, check where you view shows and films here." (Living Room)
  • "Search where you keep the family car’s might, find your next clue in sight." (Garage)

Scavenger hunt clues for kids

  • "Look where you wash your face, something fun waits in this place." (Bathroom Sink)
  • "Find me where you lay your head, I’m under something that’s soft and spread." (Pillow)
  • "I get louder when you play, toys often get put away." (Toy Box)
  • "Find me where you eat your meals, next to forks, spoons, and peels." (Dining Table)
  • "I’m found where the clean clothes pile, take a peek and take a while." (Laundry Basket)
  • "You read storybooks in this nook, now go find me if you look." (Reading Corner)
  • "Search for me where your shoes rest, hope you find me at my best." (Shoe Rack)
  • "I cool you down during the heat, find me where you take a seat." (Fan/AC)
  • "In the place you draw and sketch, not too far from your desk." (Desk)
  • "Where you stack your favorite games, come find me without any blames." (Game Shelf)
  • "I'm stationed where you sink and splash, look for me in a dash." (Bathtub)
  • "Look in the place where you dream, under the bed it may seem." (Under Bed)
  • "Find me near a leafy green, somewhere you’ve most likely been." (House Plant)
  • "Peek where you keep your hats and caps, they may reveal my maps." (Hat Rack)
  • "I'm cradled where your pet may stay, find me where they lay." (Pet Bed)

Scavenger hunt clues for adults

  • "This is something you’ll need, to browse and read." (Bookshelf)
  • "Find me where you store your wine, behind a door that’s made of pine." (Wine Rack)
  • "In this place you’ll see the stars, often parked are the cars." (Garage)
  • "Look where you brew your morning zest, a caffeinated place you know best." (Coffee Maker)
  • "Where you craft and create, behind the door that is great." (Workshop)
  • "Find me where you keep your suits, hidden among the boots." (Closet)
  • "I’m where you lay plates and dine, a cozy place that’s fine." (Dining Table)
  • "Near the spot where bills are paid, an envelope’s next crusade." (Home Office Desk)
  • "Hidden in a spot where you lounge, among the cushions I’ll be found." (Couch)
  • "In a place with an aquatic view, find me where the fishes swim too." (Aquarium)
  • "I dwell where music flows, near the records your collection shows." (Record Player)
  • "Tucked away where memories keep, find me where old photos sleep." (Photo Album)
  • "In the place where dreams are sweet, a drawer close to where you sleep." (Nightstand)
  • "Look where the flames flicker and dance, there’s a chance for romance." (Fireplace)
  • "Near a place of morning routines, a clue amidst the shaving machines." (Bathroom Mirror)

Outdoor scavenger hunt clues

  • "At this gathering spot where the family meets, you’ll find me under the seats." (Patio Chair)
  • "Look for a leafy home, where birds love to roam." (Tree)
  • "I am built for speed, you’ll find me where you place your steed." (Bike Rack)
  • "Amidst the greenery and blooms, a clue awaits your rooms." (Garden)
  • "Find me where the water flows, bubbles up and often glows." (Fountain)
  • "In a place where children swing, under the park’s joyful wing." (Playground)
  • "I’m a stone's throw from the door, brushed feet find me more." (Doormat)
  • "Check where you cook under the sky, grill’s sizzling, oh my!" (BBQ Grill)
  • "A place where the cars sleep, a clue lies nestled deep." (Driveway)
  • "Find me where you hear crickets chirp, beneath the soft grass and dirt." (Lawn)
  • "Look near where you lounge in the sun, close to where the fun's begun." (Sun Lounger)
  • "In the place that’s dark at night, a light switch gives your next sight." (Outdoor Light)
  • "Near a place that’s often wet, a clue that you might just get." (Water Hose)
  • "Check the spot you use for rest, where a garden chair is best." (Garden Bench)
  • "Peek near the spot where you dig and grow, the place where your vegetables show." (Vegetable Patch)

Indoor scavenger hunt clues

  • "I’m where you store your socks in pairs, next to clothes and teddy bears." (Dresser)
  • "To find your clue, look at what's new, on a screen or two." (TV)
  • "Find me where the clothes get clean, spinning round, a laundry machine." (Washing Machine)
  • "Where you heat up last night’s stew, find me where meals get their debut." (Microwave)
  • "Look where you rest while you read, in the comfort you may need." (Armchair)
  • "In the place that’s cool and dry, a pantry shelf, my oh my." (Pantry)
  • "Check where your shoes often go, beneath the jackets, row by row." (Entry Closet)
  • "I’m where the family gathers around, from movies and games abound." (Living Room)
  • "In the place you clean your teeth, find me underneath." (Bathroom Sink)
  • "Look where the dishes stack, a clue rests in a pack." (Dishwasher)
  • "Search where the nightlight glows, close to where the toy chest shows." (Kids' Room)
  • "Find me near the cushioned rest, where guests often lay their vests." (Guest Room)
  • "Where you keep your cooking tools, as shiny as the family jewels." (Kitchen Drawer)
  • "In the room that’s filled with sound, your next clue can be found." (Music Room)
  • "Peek where your favorite novels stay, within the shelves that hold sway." (Home Library)

Halloween scavenger hunt clues

  • "I'm where you carve and light, glowing softly in the night." (Jack-o'-Lantern)
  • "Look for the webs, where spiders tread." (Spider Decoration)
  • "Seek out the candy stash, under the skeleton’s bash." (Candy Bowl)
  • "In the place where ghouls reside, a haunted house with secrets inside." (Haunted House)
  • "Check where the bats take flight, amidst the Halloween night." (Bat Mobile)
  • "Near where the witches brew, find a clue or two." (Cauldron)
  • "Peek behind a ghostly sheet, where spooks and scares meet." (Ghost Decoration)
  • "Find me where the pumpkins rest, glowing faces at their best." (Pumpkin Patch)
  • "Near the spooky books on the shelf, I linger more than an elf." (Scary Story Book)
  • "In the place where costumes hide, an eerie clue shall bide." (Costume Closet)
  • "Where the werewolves howl and creep, a midnight clue does sleep." (Yard)
  • "Check near the cauldron’s bubbling brew, where witches might have left a clue." (Bubbling Cauldron)
  • "Find the haunted doll that stares, with ghostly glares and frights so rare." (Haunted Doll)
  • "Look where the moonlight glows, casting shadows on all that shows." (Window)
  • "In the place where screams are free, a haunted house key." (Key Hook)

Christmas scavenger hunt clues

  • "Jingle bells ring, find your clue where the stockings swing." (Stocking)
  • "Under the tree so green, presents and clues can be seen." (Christmas Tree)
  • "Where the warmth of the fire glows, look around your toes." (Fireplace)
  • "Find me near a wreath so tight, hanging on a door bright." (Front Door)
  • "Near the twinkling lights that shine, a festive clue you’ll find." (Christmas Lights)
  • "Where the candy canes are sweet, await your clue in retreat." (Candy Cane)
  • "Peek inside the advent surprise, where daily gifts arise." (Advent Calendar)
  • "In the place where Santa lands, a chimney’s end stands." (Chimney)
  • "Look where you sip warm and cozy, near the mug that's rosy." (Hot Chocolate Mug)
  • "Find me where the cookies bake, for Santa's sake." (Oven)
  • "In a place where carols play, your next clue may lay." (Stereo/Speaker)
  • "Look where the snow globe swirls, inside, a miniature world unfurls." (Snow Globe)
  • "Where the merry cards stand tall, a clue rests for all." (Card Holder)
  • "In a place of holiday deals, check where you wrap and seal." (Wrapping Paper)
  • "Near your favorite festive wear, where ornaments also fare." (Closet)

House scavenger hunt clues

  • "Look where your shoes take a seat, off your feet." (Shoe Rack)
  • "Find me in a place that's a bit chilly, where ice cubes are never silly." (Freezer)
  • "I’m beneath your steps, where many things are kept." (Under Stairs Storage)
  • "Where you curl up and read, by a lamp that feeds." (Reading Nook)
  • "In a place that’s quite high, just above where clothes lie." (Top Shelf)
  • "Check where you pour and brew, a morning ritual welcomes you." (Coffee Maker)
  • "Where the blankets are stored, and cozy warmth is adored." (Linen Closet)
  • "Find me near the piles of files, where paperwork is in miles." (Office Desk)
  • "In a spot where coats rest, hunt for your next quest." (Coat Closet)
  • "In a place that has many keys, where melodies please." (Piano)
  • "Look where the games are stacked, under the family pact." (Board Game Shelf)
  • "Peek near the place you cook and flip, pots and pans where they often dip." (Kitchen Cabinet)
  • "Where the pictures frame your face, a photo holds your place." (Photo Frame)
  • "Find the clue near a leaf so tall, an indoor plant stands in the hall." (House Plant)
  • "In a place where the pets may roam, check their cozy home." (Pet Bed)

School scavenger hunt clues

  • "Where you find knowledge and books, take a look." (Library)
  • "I’m in a place where you run and play, during the school day." (Playground)
  • "In a place where projects are made, find your clue and get an A grade." (Art Room)
  • "Near the lockers lined in a row, your next hint doesn’t slow." (Lockers)
  • "Find me where the teacher stands, near the chalkboard and clapping hands." (Classroom)
  • "Check where the gym shoes go, a sporting clue you know." (Gym)
  • "Peek where the science potions fizz, near the lab where experiments whizz." (Science Lab)
  • "In a place of active read, the library’s cozy nook indeed." (Reading Corner)
  • "Look where the lunch is served, the cafeteria where food is observed." (Cafeteria)
  • "Near the place where you sit and jot, a clue rests in the teacher's lot." (Teacher's Desk)
  • "Find the spot of musical notes, near instruments and loud totes." (Music Room)
  • "Search where the pencils sharpen, near the creative startin'." (Art Supplies)
  • "In a place of constant buzz, where computers form a fuss." (Computer Lab)
  • "Check where the announcements flow, near the speakers in a row." (PA System)
  • "Peek where you store your papers and files, a desk drawer full of styles." (Desk Drawer)

Hard scavenger hunt clues

  • "I live for the night, and shine so bright, through the window I might." (Moon)
  • "In a place that's tall and grand, I stand where people pray or stand." (Church)
  • "Look to the rings that never play, though they grace fingers every day." (Wedding Ring)
  • "I’m a place with the world's things, where cultures blend and history sings." (Museum)
  • "In a spot that’s urban and vast, where millions of stories are cast." (City Center)
  • "Find me where the tapestries hang, depicting scenes with a fang." (Art Gallery)
  • "In a place of ancient lore, a library’s timeless score." (Historical Library)
  • "Where the trading happens fast, a stock market clue will last." (Stock Exchange)
  • "Look near the place where justice stands, a courtroom’s command." (Court House)
  • "In a place of mechanical might, a factory's height." (Factory)
  • "Find the clue where the concerts play, in an arena’s sway." (Concert Hall)
  • "Seek out a place of learning pacts, a university’s acts." (University)
  • "In a spot where the tides flow, a harbor's glow." (Harbor)
  • "Locate the clue where the stars lie, in an observatory’s eye." (Observatory)
  • "Check where the statues keep, in a plaza’s deep." (Statue Plaza)


Final words

And there you have it—over 100 scavenger hunt clues and riddles to make your next event unforgettable. Whether it’s an outdoor adventure, an indoor challenge, or a holiday-themed quest, these clues are designed to spark joy and creativity for participants of all ages.

Remember, the key to a successful scavenger hunt is in the planning and customization. With Bingo Card Creator, you can effortlessly tailor your clues, print randomized PDFs, and even host online games for large groups. So grab your list, set your clues, and let the scavenger hunt begin!

Happy hunting, and may your adventures be as exciting as the treasures you'll find!

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