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  • June 20, 2023
  • 3 minutes

Introducing our revamped bingo card creator. Explore exciting themes, vibrant colors, and a fresh layout for endless fun and wins!

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Attention Bingo enthusiasts!

We are excited to announce a complete re-do of our Bingo Card Creator web application. We've listened to your feedback and have worked tirelessly to bring you many new features.

New editor

One of these is our new modern editor, here's a sneak peak.

The new Bingo Card Creator 1

Not only is the editor easier to use, it also includes handy new features like:

  • A word generator for cards. Enter the words you want to generated based on criteria such as 'Starting with', 'Ending with' or 'Contains in the middle', and we'll automatically fill in words from the dictionary.
  • Increased customizability, such as new fonts, color choices and the ability to add a background image to the entire card.
  • Images within cells. We've built a simple drag and drop interface that will automatically add images to each cell of your card
  • 1 - 75 bingo! While we make custom cards, we're now supporting traditional bingo.
  • More starter templates.

Playing online

One of the newest features we're most excited about is a completely revamped online bingo experience! By sharing the link to your bingo card, you can play with others without having to be in the same location as them. We've added handy features like:

  • The game creator can validate the card after someone calls bingo
  • Improved speed, with support for many more players at once
  • Name tracking so the game creator and other players can see who they're playing with

View our guide to playing online here.

Other features

As part of this release, we've also been working hard on a new dashboard area where you can easily manage your account and see your active cards.

The new Bingo Card Creator 3

Once you've built your card, you get taken to a page that lets you share a URL or email a friend to play a game online. Or alternatively, print the cards off and play in person.

This release is really packed with new features. We're sure you're going to love it.

Traditional randomization

We've introduced a new way to randomize cards. By default, we'll shuffle your entire card, but you can also enable traditional randomization, which will shuffle your cards like a 30, 75, or 80-ball game of bingo. Reorder your images and word list to pick which column you want them to show in.

Read more about it here.

Free 6 months on the new version

We understand that our loyal users have invested in the previous version of the application. As a token of our appreciation, all users who have purchased a license for the old application will have free access to the new version for the next six months. After that, they'll need to sign up for a subscription. If you haven't been automatically given access, please contact support with a copy of your payment receipt.

If you still want access to the old version, you can find it here for now.

Pricing changes

We have made the decision to move to a subscription model because it will allow us to continue to invest in new features and improvements for our users. By subscribing, you will have access to the latest and greatest Bingo Card Creator has to offer and will be able to take advantage of new features as soon as they are released.

See our new pricing here.

One thing to note is that we have released a new 7-day trial plan. We found that some users only want access to the software for a short period of time, such as for an event or similar. This new plan is perfect for those who only want to print one set of cards.


How do I access the new version of the Bingo Card Creator?

If you have already purchased a license for the old version, you will have free access to the new version for the next six months. After that, you will need to sign up for a subscription. If you haven't been automatically given access, please contact support with a copy of your payment receipt.

What happens to my old cards and designs?

Your old cards and designs will not be moved over to the new version of the Bingo Card Creator. If you wish to move your old cards and designs over to the new version, please do so before the old version is retired.

Why did you move to a subscription model?

Given the ongoing and constantly increasing cost to provide and support the product, and our desire to continuously improve it, a subscription model was the only choice for the long-term survival of the tool.

Are there any discounts available for an annual subscription?

Yes, we offer a discounted rate for both six-month and annual subscriptions.

Thank you for choosing Bingo Card Creator, and we can't wait for you to try out the new version!

The Bingo Card Creator Team
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The Bingo Card Creator Team

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