How do I play online?

Once you've selected a template or created a card, it's time to play bingo!

You'll see a screen with four options:

How do I play online? 1

Before diving into online gameplay, you must send out invitations. You have two options: you can either add email addresses or click on the provided link to copy and send it to your friends.

Once you've sent the invitations are ready to play, click 'caller'. This is the second option.

Here you have the option to start the game.

How do I play online? 3

Select next call to reveal the word for that call. Continue to select 'next call' until a player calls out bingo.

How do I play online? 5

If you need to restart the game at any time, you can simply click the 'restart game' text to the right of the 'next call' button.

The number of players is located on the top right. Clicking this will provide a list of active players.

How do I play online? 7

Once someone calls bingo, their bingo card will pop up on your screen. It's then time to validate their card before declaring them a winner!

How do I play online? 9

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