Can I add custom branding to a card?

Adding custom branding to your bingo cards can really elevate the game experience, making it unique and more aligned with your personal or company's style. Here are a few creative ways to incorporate your branding effectively:

1. Image title rather than text

Swap out the standard text title for an image. This could be your logo, a themed graphic related to the event, or any visual that represents your brand. It's a great way to catch the eye of the players and keep your branding front and center.

Underneath the card title, simply select 'change to logo' to have the option to upload an image.

2. Image free space

Instead of the traditional free space with a star or "FREE" text, why not use your logo or a brand-specific image? This subtle yet effective method can make your bingo cards stand out. Just upload your chosen image to the free space section when customizing your card.

Within the setup area of the card generator, simply scroll down to 'general settings' to find the free space option.

3. Header background area in the styles tab

For a more immersive branding experience, customize the header background area. This section is found in the advanced styles tab (top right), where you can upload a background image or choose a color that matches your brand's theme. This adds a cohesive look to your bingo cards, tying in your brand colors or patterns.

Remember, when adding custom branding, always aim for clear, high-resolution images to ensure your bingo cards look professional and appealing. Happy designing!

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