I have a license for the old version

In 2023 we released a new version of Bingo Card Creator that was a complete rebuild of the tool. This change has a couple of large implications for previous users:

  • Subscription model: We have transitioned to a subscription-based model for users wanting access to the new generator. This was done to ensure the long-term survival of the tool while also allowing us to offer better support and more new features each month
  • Card migration: We tried to move cards made in the old software over to the new version. Unfortunately, this was not possible. Believe me, we tried!

However, for those who purchased an unlimited access license to the old version and are concerned about being able to access your cards, don't worry! You can still access the old version and all your cards; you just need to log into the old version here.

While we still officially support the old software, we encourage you to explore the new version as it offers an improved user experience and exciting new features. We will inevitably need to drop support for the old version eventually, as it relies on very old web technologies.

It is likely support will be dropped at some point in 2024.

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