How are cards randomized?

1. What is card randomization?

Card randomization is the method Bingo Card Creator uses to distribute your custom words, images, or emojis across your bingo cards. This system ensures every card is unique, adding a layer of fun and unpredictability to your bingo games!

2. How does default randomization work?

The system applies' default' randomization if you don't choose the traditional randomization option. In this mode, all your inputted words, images, or emojis are shuffled and can appear anywhere on the card. For example, if you add 200 words, all 200 will be shuffled, and they can land anywhere on the card.

3. What is traditional randomization?

Traditional randomization mimics the rules of classic bingo games like 30, 75, or 80-ball bingo, but with your custom words, images, or emojis instead of numbers. When you choose this option, we shuffle your input and then select the first "x" items to match the size of your chosen bingo game.

For example, if you've chosen a 5x5 grid (which mirrors a 75-ball bingo game) and added 200 words, we'll shuffle all your words and select the first 75. These selected words are then distributed across the card in a traditional 75-ball bingo game style, so in the first column words/images 1 - 25 will display, and so on.

You'll find a toggle option when creating your card to enable traditional randomization. Simply switch the toggle on to use it. If you prefer the default randomization, leave the toggle off.

traditional randomization

4. Can I limit the number of words, images, or emojis used?

Yes! In default randomization, you can set a limit on the number of words, images, or emojis used. For instance, if you added 200 words but set a limit to 75, we'll shuffle all your words and select the first 75. These selected words can be placed anywhere on the card.

limit game length

5. How does the limit input affect traditional randomization?

In traditional randomization, the limit input doesn't come into play. The number of words, images, or emojis used is determined by the grid size of your chosen bingo game, not by the limit input.

6. How can I choose between default and traditional randomization?

Our goal at Bingo Card Creator is to help you create custom, engaging bingo games. Whether you prefer the unpredictability of default randomization or the structured approach of traditional randomization, our platform offers you the flexibility to bring your vision to life!

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