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Why Purchase Bingo Card Creator?

Here is what buying Bingo Card Creator gets you:

  • Over 1025 premade activities which you can use in your classes. Just click the Wizards menu! Plus more every month!
  • You can print as many bingo cards as you want.
  • You can save lists of words/problems/etc that you create to save time typing them up when you do the same lesson again. You can also share these lists with your colleagues.
  • You'll save an hour of preparation every time you run a bingo activity.
  • You'll save $10 every time you run a bingo activity versus buying the cards from a traditional publisher. If you run even three games in a year, Bingo Card Creator will save you money -- and you can continue to use it year after year. We'll never force you to buy software you already own.
  • You'll get your money's worth, guaranteed. Bingo Card Creator comes with an unconditional 30 day money-back guarantee. If you're not absolutely thrilled with our software, we don't deserve your money.
  • You can use your software within seconds.  You'll be shown and emailed your Registration Key within seconds of ordering, and there is nothing more to download if you're already using the trial version.
  • In addition to over 1025 activities we have already made available, you get lifetime updates to all the new cards we make, typically one per day!

Payment Options

You can pay for Bingo Card Creator through any of the following ways:

Paypal: Paypal is an online service which processes credit card payments for us -- you may have heard of them if you use eBay. Millions trust in Paypal's excellent security record to keep their valuable financial information safe.  When you use Paypal, we see only your name and email address, not your financial details.   (If you bought a CD as well, we use the shipping information you provided.)  You do not need to create a Paypal account to pay with your credit card on Paypal.

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Credit Card: You can purchase Bingo Card Creator securely with your credit card. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Don't worry, we secure your credit card with the same technology your bank uses. Nobody other than the bank ever sees it.

Delivery Options

Right after you purchase, you will receive an email with a Registration Key in it. A Registration Key is a code which looks like BINGO-12345-12345. If you enter this into the free trial of Bingo Card Creator, it will turn into the registered version.

For Our International Customers

In the interest of simplicity (and saving you money on currency conversion fees), we can also take payment in a variety of currencies.  Just select your currency below.

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