Changing the Game… 4 Unconventional Ways to Play Bingo

When most people think of bingo, they usually have the same basic idea:

A person sits behind a podium and takes a ball from a machine next to them.


A room full of people shuffles as everyone checks their bingo cards.


A hand flies up in the air, “BINGO!”

Yes, all of those things happen in every game. But thinking that’s all there is to bingo is like limiting a deck of cards to solitaire.

Let’s explore a few unconventional ways to play that may turn bingo into a whole new game for you.

  • Karaoke Bingo

Music and Bingo…what could be more fun?

For this game create custom bingo cards with various song titles.  When a title is drawn, the caller needs to sing a 5 second clip from that song.  Participants then need to first identify the song from the clip, and then mark it on their card.  Don’t like singing?  Have songs already in a playlist.  Press shuffle, play the clip for 5 seconds, pause for players to mark their cards, then skip to the next song.  Keep going until someone sings bingo or some other personalized predetermined jingle personalized for your event.


  • Bonanza Bingo


In bonanza bingo, players “purchase” sealed cards with the numbers that would have been randomly selected in conventional bingo. The winning numbers are drawn before the start of the game and, after they’re announced, players are asked to check the contents of their sealed cards.

If none of the cards are revealed with the winning combination, another batch of cards are “sold.” At this point, the jackpot is usually increased and the players are called to reveal their cards again.

This process repeats until someone finally scores a bingo. Usually by that time, a substantial amount of cards have been sold and the jackpot pool has been multiplied several times over.


  • U-Pick-‘Em Bingo


This style of bingo gives players the freedom to select the numbers they choose to mark and monitor – a factor which is left entirely to chance in traditional bingo.

U-Pick-‘Em bingo actually ramps up the “game of chance” angle while making players feel like they are more in control. This can lead to fierce (and hopefully friendly) competition.



  • Horse-Racing Bingo


As the name implies, horse-racing bingo is a fast-pace game. In horse-racing bingo, the winning numbers are run across a flashboard and players must make high speed checks on their holdings to score a “bingo.” For even more involvement and a humorous twist, have an entertaining adult, young adult, or even a student run the number, or if you are using custom bingo word or phrase, across the stage while the audience has to scramble to find it.

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