20 fun friday office activities

Spice up your TGIF with 20 fun Friday office activities. From Desk Mini-Golf to Office Bingo, there's something for every office vibe.

  • January 18, 2024
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20 fun office Friday activities

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Ah, Friday—everyone's favorite day of the week, the runway to the weekend, and the office's unofficial fun day. While spreadsheets and TPS reports are thrilling in their own right (ha!), nothing quite gets you in the TGIF spirit like a fun office game. So here’s a list of 20 games that are the metaphorical cherry on top of your work week sundae.

1. Desk Mini-Golf

white golf club on green grass field

Think you're the next Tiger Woods but you're stuck in an office? Try Desk Mini-Golf to prove your putting prowess.

How to Play:

Set up a mini-golf course around the office desks and chairs. Players take turns to see who can get their paper ball into the "holes" (i.e., cups) in the fewest strokes.

Top Tip: Use books, staplers, and coffee mugs as obstacles to amp up the challenge.

2. Office Bingo

bingo numbers and pencils

Bingo has moved beyond the confines of the retirement home. Now, it's taking over offices everywhere with office bingo, and the jackpot? Productivity spikes and the sweet, sweet taste of bragging rights among colleagues.

How to Play

For those who like a full debrief, check out our comprehensive guide on how to play office bingo. But if you're here for the quick run-through, let’s get down to business.

  1. Brainstorm Work-Related Phrases or Tasks: Think of those day-to-day tasks, the common phrases uttered in meetings, or even those quirky office habits.
  2. Unleash Your Creative Genius: Dive into our bingo card generator to craft your unique cards. Play around with colors, grid sizes, or even slap on a quirky background image. The world (well, office) is your oyster!
  3. Add Some Flair: Why not sprinkle in some emojis or photos of your colleagues? The goal is to make the game engaging and fun for everyone.

If you want to speed things up, why not try one of our remade templates? Here are some to get you started!

3. Trivia Time

Exercise your brain muscles while you take a break from those mind-numbing spreadsheets.

How to Play:

Compile a list of trivia questions, varying in difficulty. Divide into teams and go head-to-head for some intellectual glory.

4. Scavenger Hunt

maps lying on the floor

A treasure hunt, but make it office-friendly. Because who said X marks the spot can't be next to the copier?

How to Play:

Create a list of items or landmarks within the office. Teams have to find and photograph them within a set time limit.

Alternatively, create a scavenger hunt bingo card and mark items of the card as they are found!

5. Office Karaoke

Woman Holding Microphone

Unleash your inner Beyoncé or Freddie Mercury—no judgment here, just applause.

How to Play:

Pick a song, grab a "mic" (or a hairbrush, if you're classic like that), and sing your heart out.

Top Tip: Use a karaoke app to help you with lyrics and backing tracks.

6. Chair Races

five black rolling chars front of desk

Zoom meetings are good, but chair races are faster (and more fun).

How to Play:

Line up at one end of the office and race to the finish line—using only your legs to propel your office chair.

7. Office Pictionary

red cherry fruit on white surface

A picture is worth a thousand words, but in this case, it’s worth a ton of laughs too.

How to Play:

Players draw a word or phrase while their team tries to guess what it is within a time limit.

8. Nerf Gun War

Unleash your inner sharpshooter without the need for safety goggles or camo gear. Office Nerf Gun War is all about agility, strategy, and a dash of whimsy.

How to Play:

Divide the office into two or more teams, each armed with Nerf guns. Designate "safe zones" where players can reload but can't shoot. The objective is to eliminate players from the opposing teams. Once hit, a player must sit out until the next round.

9. Flip Cup Tournament

Man Playing Flip Cup

Not just for college parties, Flip Cup can be an exhilarating break from the work routine.

How to Play:

Align cups filled with water at the edge of a table. Players must drink and then flip the cup by flicking the rim with their fingers.

10. Two Truths and a Lie

How well do you really know your colleagues? Time to find out.

How to Play:

Each player states two true facts and one false fact about themselves. Others have to guess which one is the lie.

Top Tip: Make your lie believable but not too obvious, and reveal something interesting in your truths.

11. Musical Chairs

assorted-color plastic chair lot inside room

This classic game is still the unofficial champion of creating workplace awkwardness and laughter.

How to Play:

Chairs are set up in a circle, one less than the number of players. Walk around them while music plays. When the music stops, grab a chair!

12. Paper Plane Contest

white paper plane on white background

Channel your inner aviator and take to the "skies" with a fleet of paper planes. Whether you're going for distance or style, may the best paper pilot win.

How to Play:

Everyone creates their own paper airplane using standard 8.5x11 inch paper. Mark a launch line and let those planes soar. Award categories can include "Farthest Distance," "Best Aerobatics," and "Most Creative Design."

13. Who Am I?

Writing Materials in Pastel Colors

It’s like Guess Who, but with people you see five days a week.

How to Play:

Write the names of colleagues on sticky notes and stick one on each player’s forehead. They have to guess who they are by asking yes-or-no questions.

14. Office Charades

Bring on the drama and theatrics, because Office Charades isn't just a game; it's a performance. Elevate your standard charades game by throwing in some work-specific challenges.

How to Play:

Write down phrases, job titles, or common office scenarios on slips of paper and put them in a bowl. Players take turns drawing a slip and acting it out without words. Categories can range from "Office Supplies" to "Awkward Elevator Encounters.

15. Ping-Pong Tournament

White Pingpong Ball Beneath Red Table Tennis Paddle

A little friendly competition never hurt anyone—unless you're super competitive, then it's game on!

How to Play:

Set up a ping-pong table, if available, and duel it out in a tournament-style match.

16. Water Cooler Talk

Smiling Man Pouring Water in Bottle from Cooler

Small talk by the water cooler is too passé. How about a storytelling game?

How to Play:

One person starts a story with one sentence. The next person adds on, and so forth.

17. Office Feud

photo of dining table and chairs inside room

If Family Feud had a corporate cousin, this would be it.

How to Play:

Survey the office with random questions beforehand. During the game, teams have to guess the most popular answers.

18. Meme Wars

Show off your meme mastery. Because someone has to be the office meme lord!

How to Play:

Create memes related to work or colleagues. The funniest meme, as voted by players, wins.

Top Tip: Use meme-generating apps to quickly create memes that'll crack everyone up.

19. Egg-and-Spoon Race

brown and white egg lot

Balance, speed, and the risk of making breakfast on the go.

How to Play:

Each player must balance an egg (or a ping pong ball for less mess) on a spoon while racing to the finish line.

20. Desk Decorating Contest

Silver Apple Macbook on Brown Wooden Table

Unleash your inner interior designer. But like, for your desk.

How to Play:

Everyone gets a set time to decorate their desks based on a theme. The best one, as voted by the office, wins a prize.


There you have it—20 ways to make your Friday more fun than a barrel of keyboard monkeys. Choose your favorites, or better yet, make it your mission to conquer all 20. Happy Friday-ing! 🎉

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