How to play office bingo

Unlock the secret to a more engaging workday with Office Bingo. This ultimate guide teaches you how to turn mundane meetings and tasks into a thrilling game. Level up your office life!

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Aug 26, 2023
How to play office bingo

Ah, the office—the birthplace of watercooler chatter, endless meetings, and the sacred coffee shrine. But why not add a little twist to the mix? Let's sprinkle some pixie dust on your spreadsheets and turn your work hours into a Bingo-fiesta! Office Bingo isn’t just a game; it's an art of injecting fun into your 9-to-5 grind.

The Basics: What Is office bingo?

First off, let's lift the fog around this marvelous game called Office Bingo. Think of it as Bingo's professional cousin, wearing a tie and ready for business. Instead of shouting numbers, we've got relatable (and often hilarious) workplace events like:

  • "Someone uses the phrase 'synergize'"
  • "Coffee machine breakdown"
  • "Colleague walks in late with a Starbucks cup"
  • "Someone forgets to mute on a conference call"
  • "Printer jams"
  • "Unscheduled team meeting"
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Quick start with our bingo templates

If crafting from scratch isn’t your jam, we've got your back with ready-to-go templates:

Top Tip: The best Office Bingo cards should keep the vibe light and the humor intact. You want to make people laugh, not cringe, so steer clear of potentially sensitive or controversial phrases.

Office bingo ideas

Unfamiliar with the office bingo scene? Here's a list of card ideas and game variations that are about to elevate your Bingo game from "been there, done that" to "Whoa, this is what I've been missing?!"

  1. Wellness bingo: Get your office to unwind and de-stress with squares like "Meditated for 5 minutes," "Drank herbal tea," and "Stretch break!"
  2. Elevator pitch bingo: Perfect for those in sales or marketing. Squares include phrases or tactics commonly used in elevator pitches.
  3. Zoom call bingo: With squares like "Pet appearance," "Awkward silence," and "Someone can't find the mute button."
  4. Project milestone bingo: Celebrate your team's progress with a Bingo card that has squares marking different project milestones.
  5. Eco-friendly bingo: Promote green initiatives with squares like "Used a reusable water bottle," "Carpooled to work," or "Recycled paper."

Top Tip: Remember to keep the atmosphere inclusive. The beauty of customizing your Bingo cards is that you can make them as relevant as possible to your unique workplace. With the help of a bingo card generator, this task becomes even more of a breeze.

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Game modes to keep the excitement up

  1. Reverse bingo: The first one to clear all their squares loses, rather than wins.
  2. Musical bingo: Replace call-outs with snippets of popular songs that everyone in the office would recognize.
  3. Story bingo: Each square comes with a small, easy-to-complete task. When a square gets marked, the person has to share a quick story or experience related to it.
  4. Scavenger hunt bingo: Employees have to find items around the office or accomplish mini-tasks to cross off squares.
  5. Wildcard bingo: Include some wildcards in the mix. When a wildcard is drawn, anyone can mark off any square they choose!

Top tip: If you're feeling particularly adventurous, consider using a bingo card generator with features that allow you to incorporate pictures, custom text, and emojis, taking your custom game modes to the next level.

Want more ideas? Check out in-depth guide on office bingo ideas.

Gear up: What you'll need

  1. Bingo Cards: Create your own or grab a template online. Want to customize your cards? Look no further than a bingo card generator that lets you personalize everything from background images to grid sizes (3x3, 4x4, 5x5—you name it!).
  2. Markers: Post-its, bottle caps, or good ol' bingo daubers.
  3. Caller: The impartial mediator who calls out the scenarios.
  4. Prizes: The cherry on top! Consider quirky bingo prizes like stationery or a lunch voucher.

Setting up the stage

Before sending out the "Save the Date" memo, consider these steps:

  1. Test the waters: Gauge interest among your colleagues. A bingo coup is no fun if the revolutionaries aren’t into it.
  2. Decide on the rules: Time to unleash your inner lawmaker. Is it first to fill a row, or a full house?
  3. Send out the cards: Distribute your bingo cards before the game, but not too far in advance to prevent pre-emptive marking.
  4. Schedule the game: Make sure it doesn't coincide with deadlines or crucial meetings. We're aiming for "Office Hero," not "Public Enemy No.1."

Bingo variants for the modern office

  • Emoji bingo: Incorporate emojis for that touch of whimsy.
  • Picture bingo: Use pictures from around the office for a sense of familiarity.
  • Traditional bingo: Go old school with 30/80/75 ball cards.

Top tip: Want to jazz it up a notch? Opt for bingo card generator tools that offer templates for different variants of the game, with support for pictures, custom text, and emojis.

And we have a winner!

When someone shouts "Bingo," check their card for accuracy, and if it’s legit, hand over the spoils. Make sure to capture the victory moment, maybe with a picture or a funny boomerang—because hey, office legends should be documented!

Final thoughts

Office Bingo isn't just another tick on the fun-o-meter; it's a social lubricant that makes the workplace a more engaging and cohesive environment. It adds a dash of camaraderie to your usual work setting, breaking the monotony of TPS reports and quarterly reviews.

Ready to become the ringmaster of your own Office Bingo circus? Roll up your sleeves and let the games begin!

Happy Bingo-ing, cubicle warriors!

The Bingo Card Creator Team

The Bingo Card Creator Team

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