How to Play Office Bingo

Whether you work from home or at the office, playing office bingo is a great way to brighten the day. It’s easy!  Here’s how…

1. Choose a theme or search the 1,500+ pre-made bingo cards using  Work in a law office?  Try Famous Fictional Lawyers bingo.  An engineering firm?  How about Building Materials Bingo.  Got a lot of Gen X-ers in your workplace?  Do a search for 80s-themed bingo cards.

2.  Using the 3 easy steps, create and print a set of custom bingo cards using   Distribute a bingo card to each staff member and instruct employees to keep their unique card beside their desk for the day.

TIP: Got employees that work from home?  Simply email bingo cards to work-from-home employees as an attachment.  Assign a different card to each person.

3.  Once an hour and using the call list that is printed automatically with your bingo cards, send out 2-4 new words or phrases via email, text, or intercom.  Employees check their card and mark it accordingly.

4.  When someone gets a bingo, shout it out!  Or reply all via email.

5.  Have prizes ready. Gift cards, a bottle of wine, or even the rest of the day off are sure to please.