15 office bingo ideas you'll actually want to play

Discover 15 engaging office bingo ideas, perfect for breaking the monotony of work. From Meeting Lingo to Coffee Break Bingo, these games add fun and foster team spirit in the workplace.

  • December 16, 2023
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Let's face it, the office life can sometimes feel like a never-ending cycle of emails, meetings, and deadlines. But who says work can't be fun? Enter office bingo – the perfect way to add a dash of excitement to your 9-to-5 routine! It's easy, engaging, and a surefire way to spark some joy in the workplace. While

Before diving into our top office bingo ideas, it's important to have the basics down. If you need a refresher on the rules, check out our comprehensive guide on how to play office bingo.

All set? Now, let's explore 15 engaging and relatable office bingo ideas that are perfect for adding some fun to your workday!

Meeting lingo bingo

How it works: This game is all about those buzzwords we love to hate in meetings. "Synergy," "touch base," or "circle back" - if it's said in a meeting, it's bingo gold.

Why it's great: It adds a humorous twist to those lengthy meetings and keeps everyone on their toes, listening for the next buzzword.

Holiday-themed office bingo

How it works: Tailor your bingo game to fit holidays throughout the year - think Halloween costume sightings or spotting someone in a Santa hat.

Why it's great: It's a festive way to get into the spirit of the season and adds a fun, thematic element to your office environment.

Wellness and mindfulness bingo

How it works: Include activities like "took a 5-minute meditation break" or "drank 8 glasses of water today."

Why it's great: It encourages a healthy lifestyle and brings an element of self-care into the workplace.

Team building bingo

How it works: This version involves completing tasks that require interacting with colleagues, like "complimented a teammate" or "helped someone with a task."

Why it's great: It's a great way to strengthen team dynamics and promote a positive office culture.

Industry-specific bingo

How it works: Customize your bingo card with jargon and typical scenarios from your specific industry.

Why it's great: It's a personalized touch that makes the game more relevant and engaging for your team.

Remote work bingo

How it works: Adapt the game for remote teams, with squares like "attended a meeting in pajamas" or "had a pet interrupt a call."

Why it's great: It's a fantastic way to build camaraderie among remote teams and share common experiences.

Email bingo

How it works: This game focuses on common email scenarios, like receiving an email marked as 'urgent' or getting a 'thanks' reply.

Why it's great: It adds a fun twist to the everyday task of checking emails and can lighten up your inbox experience.

Project milestone bingo

How it works: Celebrate reaching key project milestones with a bingo card featuring project-specific achievements.

Why it's great: It's a unique way to recognize and celebrate team progress and successes.

Coffee break bingo

How it works: A quick game that can be played during coffee breaks, with squares like "tried a new coffee flavor" or "shared a coffee with a colleague."

Why it's great: It turns coffee breaks into a fun social activity and encourages team members to take much-needed breaks together.

"Know your colleagues" bingo

How it works: Create a bingo game that encourages employees to find out interesting facts about their coworkers.

Why it's great: It promotes a deeper understanding and connection among team members.

Office trivia bingo

How it works: This game is based on trivia questions about the company, its history, or employees.

Why it's great: It's not only fun but also educational, helping employees learn more about the company and their colleagues.

💡 Top tip

Get creative with your prizes – think beyond the usual and offer something unique like an extra break, a special coffee treat, or a fun office gadget.


What materials are needed to host an office bingo event?

Just a bingo card for each participant and something to mark off squares – can be as simple as a pen!

How can we include remote employees in office bingo?

Use digital bingo cards and organize the game over a video call. It's a great way to connect with remote team members!

Are there any legal considerations for office bingo?

Generally, it's just for fun, but avoid involving monetary betting to keep things compliant and light-hearted.

How often should we host bingo events in the office?

Depending on your team's enthusiasm, it could be a monthly or even a weekly event!

Can office bingo be educational or work-related?

Absolutely! Tailor your bingo cards to include industry-specific terms or company trivia to make it a learning experience.


Office bingo isn't just a game; it's a tool for building a more vibrant, connected, and enjoyable workplace. So, why not give it a try? It could be the perfect antidote to your next mundane Monday!

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