30 fun games for adults

Planning a fun adult night out or a simple hangout session at your workplace doesn’t have to leave you in a pickle. Just like kids, adults love playing games to break the ice and stimulate their noggin! Even if you’ve never hosted any gat...

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Jan 22, 2024
30 fun games for adults

Planning a fun adult night out or a simple hangout session at your workplace doesn't have to leave you in a pickle. Just like kids, adults love playing games to break the ice and stimulate their noggin! Even if you've never hosted any gathering, you can plan a memorable gaming session that will leave each participant yearning for more.

1. Soda Pong

This game is the perfect way to relive your partying days, but of course, without getting wasted.

How to Play:

Let your guests showcase their aiming skills by setting up soda cups on a table. Each will take turns throwing ping pong balls in the soda, and if they succeed, their opponent has to drink. Hooray to whoever makes their opponent drink up!

2. I'm Thinking of

Wanna see how well your buddies can read each other's minds or at least make a lucky guess? 'I'm Thinking of' will get everyone's mind spinning with excitement.  

How to Play:

One person can start by saying something like,' I'm thinking of a comedian,'  and the participants will guess what the thinker has in mind. The player can offer some clues, or the others can ask questions to narrow the possibilities.

3. Bingo

Bingo is the perfect game for stimulating an unforgettable adrenaline rush. Our easy-to-use bingo card generator lets you create custom cards in a flash. When you have the perfect scorecard, give players bingo chips so they get ready for some action.

If you don't want to create your own bingo card, or choose one of our fun for adults bingo card templates below!

How to Play:

  1. Call and Reveal: Grab a letter-number combo and flaunt it to your audience.
  2. Spot and Mark: All players scour their cards for that magic combo. Found it? Slap on a chip!
  3. Rinse and Repeat: Just keep going back to steps 1 and 2 until someone lines up five chips in a row.
  4. Shout it Out: Got that line? Stand up, puff out your chest, and bellow, "Bingo!" That's right, you or someone you know is now basking in winner's glory.

4. Two Truths and a Lie

What's a better way to learn each other's deepest secrets than playing two truths and a lie?

How to play:

Players will take turns saying two true things about themselves and something false. The lie has to be believable for some extra fun, and a poker face will definitely come in handy. The teammates then have to guess what's false and point it out!

5. Charades

Charades will indeed prompt players to blurt out some hilarious answers!

How to Play:

Pick a theme that can be anything from a movie to a sport. Write titles or phrases on paper and place them in a bowl.

Each player will pick one and demonstrate it with body movements or hand signals. Participants can then guess, and the player will confirm or deny. For an exhilarating experience, play charades with time limits!

6. Truth or Dare

Unveil each other's secrets and test your friends' guts with a fun game of Truth or Dare. The goal is to get the juicy truth from other participants or to catch them off-guard with an interesting dare.

How to Play:

All you have to do is ask a participant to choose truth or dare; then, you can have all the fun you want with their pick!

7. The Pool

Are you thinking of spicing up your summer parties?

How to Play:

Fill an inflatable pool with water and toss different items. Everyone will take turns diving and finding something to save! Assign points to each item and have the best laugh hunting for the most prized treasure.

8. Jenga

Jenga is a pleasurable game for teasing your participants' dexterity and tower-building skills.

How to Play:

The good news is, you can play it any way you like. For example, let the player stack wooden blocks and remove each piece carefully. The goal is to undo an entire tower while ensuring it doesn't come down tumbling. Whoever removes the last block successfully wins. Yay!

You can also try this:

  • Stack a tower with the blocks
  • Remove a block from any level and place it on top

If a player causes the tower or any block to fall, declare their opponent a winner!

9. Water Balloon Volleyball

Get a net, balloons, and towels; then you'll have endless silly laughs playing water balloon volleyball!

How to Play:

The participants pair up at opposite sides of the net. They then take turns tossing water balloons at each other, and whoever gets themselves or their towel wet is out of the game. What an exciting way to cool down!

10. Categories

The game brings out the competitive beast in every participant.

How to Play:

The initiator will mention a category, and other players will name anything they can think of in that class. Keep the fun going until nothing else comes to the players' minds, and declare the team with the longest list the winner!

11. Tug of War

Group Of People Doing Tug Of War

Tug of War is a physical game that never seems to go out of fashion.

How to Play:

Use a sturdy rope with a flag tied in the middle, and opposing teams showcase their strength by pulling as hard as possible. So who will carry the day? Definitely, the team that pulls their opponent beyond the designated line!

12. Freeze Dance

You don't have to be a pro dancer to have fun at a house party! Freeze dance gives everyone a perfect chance to display their goofiest moves. The most laughable part is when the moderator pauses the music, and everyone has to freeze for a few seconds. By playing freeze dance, you get your groove while entertaining the spectators!

How to Play:

13. Spoons

Are you looking for an exciting way to play with a deck of cards? Worry no more because we've got the perfect recommendation. Spoons is a fun and fast game perfect for any age group, including adults.

How to Play:

You'll need at least three people, cards, and spoons (one number less than the total number of participants). Players will take turns collecting four similar cards; if they do, everyone will try to grab a spoon. The player that won't have a spoon will be out of the game, and the last person standing wins!

14. Cards Against Humanity

This hilarious card game will have you exploring dark humor and some pretty awkward jokes.

How to Play:

A player will read out a card with a fill-the-blank phrase. What's the fun part, you ask? Well, participants give the most outrageous answers they can think of. These can range from politically incorrect statements to phrases someone might consider offensive!

15. What's in the Bag?

This fun game will cheer everyone at your gathering and tingle their senses!

How to Play:

Get some exciting items, and better yet, ensure they are random, then place them in a bag. Pass it around, and everyone has to guess what's inside without looking.

What's in the Bag will have you rolling on the floor, laughing at odd guesses.

16. Who Am I?

This guessing game is pretty similar to Charades but with an imaginative edge.

How to Play:

Someone will pick a piece of paper with the name of a famous person and then act like them. Others guess who the player is imitating, and the team with the highest correct guesses carries the day.

Need other fun ways to play this game? Here are our suggestions:

  • Place a sticky note on each player's forehead or back, then let them guess who you're imitating
  • Select characters from some juicy tabloid news
  • Use hilarious traits to imitate the famous person

17. Name that Tune

Are you looking for a party game that isn't physically intensive? Name that Tune will broaden your musical horizons and bring back some sweet memories.

How to Play:

One person will hum a few song notes, and other players must guess the artist and title. Imagine how much fun this is!

18. Pin the Tail on the Donkey

You may remember this game from childhood, but nothing stops you from enjoying it now.

How to Play:

Divide everyone into several teams. Give each player a spin until they look disoriented, then see if they can pin the tail on the right spot. Isn't watching everyone stumble around as they take one for the team entertaining?

19. Would You Rather

Ever wonder what decision your friend will make in a tricky situation? Get some surprising answers by playing Would You Rather in your upcoming game sesh. Give players two options during each round; they can only pick one.

How to Play:

20. Trivia

grayscale photography of trivia night signage

When someone says Trivia, you may think it's just a basic game, but that's far from the truth. You can always entertain guests and have fun when playing it. The trick is to create a list of juicy questions or those that double down as fun facts. A perfect example of fun Trivia is about weird state laws!

How to Play:

21. Heads Up

This exciting game only requires a stack of cards or pictures with different images, like animals or fruit.

How to Play:

One participant will place a card on their forehead, and the others will try to name it. Make the game juicier with a time limit, and crown the team with the most correct guesses as a winner!

22. Mystery Word

How to Play:

There're endless ways of playing Mystery Word, but providing the first letter of a word and describing it is the most popular. For example, you can pick the letter 'T' and tell other players the answer is the name of a drink. Participants will indeed have a lot of fun brainstorming the correct response.

23. Human Cluedo

This altered version of Mystery Word will stir the players' minds more than you think.

How to Play:

Create a puzzle and give each participant a clue. The goal is to gather as much information as possible and solve the mystery quickly for a victorious win.

24. Cereal Box

Do you want to have fun the old-fashioned way? Get your guests to play cereal box by picking an empty carton with their mouth, then cut a piece each time someone succeeds.

How to Play:

The catch? Players can't support themselves with their hands or lean on anything! Whoever doesn't pick the box is out of the game, and the last person surviving is the winner.

25. Sticker Stalker

How to Play:

The objective is to place as many stickers on other guests as possible. If a player notices as you do this, you take the sticker back, and they place theirs on you. By the end, the losing team will have multicolored stickers all over them, while the winners will be running out!

26. Conversation Cards

This low-key icebreaker will cut the chit-chat at your party and create a thrilling experience.

How to Play:

To play, each participant will pick a conversation card and share their thoughts based on what it says. Can you think of a more fantastic way to inspire creative conversations?

27. 20 Questions

Have fun learning each other's interests and secrets by playing 20 questions.

How to Play:

One person will think of an item; then other players will ask up to 20 yes or no questions to make a lucky guess. Whoever guesses right wins and plays next.

28. Mafia

This classic party game is perfect for those who enjoy mystery and intrigue.

How to Play:

Simply put, the game's objective is for the mafia to 'kill off civilians' or for the civilians to eliminate the mafia. Players must work together to figure out who among them is the killer. The mafia, in return, tries to get rid of the other players by ensuring they don't guess right.

29. Movie Scavenger Hunt

Do you need a boost of energy that will leave everyone reminiscing? A movie scavenger hunt reminds players of their best scenes in a film.

How to Play:

Ask everyone to watch a popular movie (if they haven't already) and get related objects. You may then hide them and give clues; whoever finds the most items wins.

30. Celebrity Look-Alike

Did you know that at least six people look like you in the world? It's even likely that one of them is a celebrity!

How to Play:

Let one player ask which celebrity they look like while the others guess. The fun part will be revealing the face of the star on a large screen alongside the player!

Game Selection Criteria

Now that you know how to play so many fun adult games, how do you choose the best one? Let's discuss some critical things to consider:

  • Popularity - It's no fun playing a game that participants don't like. To guarantee the best experiences, always suggest several choices, and put them to a vote.
  • Ability to create a fun and immersive environment - The main goal of any game is entertainment, right? We advise you to select games that allow everyone to lighten up!
  • Promoting creativity and strategic thinking - A game with a creative element is captivating and inspiring. Stimulate everyone's brain with options that let them explore their creative self.


Whether you're planning a chill evening with family and friends or an event with colleagues, there's always a fun adult game you can explore. With our comprehensive list, you now have more than enough options for weeks, months, and years of game sessions! Remember, there's no limit to how much fun you can have, so live it up!

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