How do I make my own bingo cards?

Bingo Card Creator allows you to make your own set of unique bingo cards in three easy steps. Each card will be unique, printable, and if you would like, a game can be setup to be played virtually from anywhere! Click HERE to view step-by-step instructions.

How do I create my own bingo cards with pictures?

You can create bingo cards with pictures using the same 3 easy steps. Simply upload your pictures when you go to create your bingo cards. There are size restrictions to the images you upload and be sure to follow copyright and trademark laws. Click HERE for more information about creating your bingo cards with images.

Will all of my bingo cards be unique?

Absolutely. Bingo Card Creator.com was developed over 12 years ago so that anyone could make a unique set of bingo cards for teaching, for learning, and any event or organization that wanted to create a truly unique, personalized experience using a familiar and FUN classic game of Bingo where each bingo card is unique. From the classroom to the party room, conference room or even picnic pavilion, BingoCardCreator.com is meant to be simple, flexible, and most importantly, FUN!

Can I create a game of bingo and play virtually with others?

Yes! Once you create your set of bingo cards, you will then have the option to easily set up a virtual game to play with anyone, anywhere.

Can I add a logo or branding to my custom bingo cards?

Yes! You can upload your logo or branding as your bingo game free space as well as in the title or even column header. Keep in mind that trademark and copyright rules apply.

Can I add a title, school, or company information to my bingo cards?

Absolutely! You can add organization or company information in the card title or footer space of your bingo cards in Step 1 when you add your content.

Can I create a PDF of my Bingo Cards?

Yes! In Step 3 when you print your cards, a PDF file of your custom bingo cards is automatically generated, ready for you to print or share.

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