How to create a game of Bingo using Bingo Card Creator

First, you will need to sign-in or register a free account. Once you have an account, you have a dashboard. This is where all of your bingo card creations will be stored for you. From here, click Make New Cards to start a set of bingo cards from scratch or search one of our 1200+ premade sets of custom bingo cards.

Tip: Try searching the premade sets first. You will save time and still be able to completely customize everything on it. Now you are in Step 1 where you will add your words, pictures, or both. You can also change your bingo card free space, add a title or footer, and even your school or company logo.

Keep in mind that if you are adding pictures, you will want each image size to be in the ideal range of 200-500 pixels x 200-500 pixels. Also, be sure to follow copyright and trademark rules for your images.

Once you have all of your content in, scroll down and click Next Step to be taken to Step 2. This is where you will choose how many cards to print. If you are an Unlimited Member, you can print as many as you want. If you are a Trial Member, you can print up to 4.

Next choose how many cards to print per page (1, 2 or 4) and other options like font, border colors, or text size. Once you have selected your customization options, you are ready to print! Click Print Cards.

Now you are in Step 3. Your cards have been generated as a PDF and ready to download! Each card will be unique. Have something you want to change after printing? No problem! Your cards are automatically saved to your dashboard. If you are an Unlimited Member, you can revise and print an unlimited number of times.

Want to set up a virtual game? Go to your dashboard and click Play Online next to the bingo game you created to easily set up and play a virtual game.