5-letter words with F in the middle

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Find fantastic 5-letter words with the letter F in the middle. Perfect for expanding your vocabulary and challenging your spelling skills. Edit and print your own bingo cards today!
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5-letter words with F in the middle bingo card

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We found 32 5-letter words with F in the middle. We've listed them below by length:

5 letter words

  • buffs
  • fifth
  • lifer
  • mafia
  • awful
  • safes
  • puffy
  • lefts
  • gifts
  • refer
  • safer
  • unfit
  • hefty
  • lefty
  • daffy
  • softy
  • jiffy
  • lofty
  • rifle
  • nifty
  • lifts
  • infra
  • offer
  • fifty
  • puffs
  • gofer
  • buffy
  • cuffs
  • taffy
  • huffy
  • sofas

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