Removing headers/footers from prints

When printing bingo cards created with Bingo Card Creator, it's important to have a clean and professional appearance. This often means removing any unwanted headers and footers that browsers typically add to printed pages. Here's how you can achieve a sleek printout for your custom bingo cards.

Streamlining your bingo card printouts

For Google Chrome, Firefox, and Edge:

  1. Access print preview: Click the 'Print' button to open the print preview screen.
  2. Go to options: Go to the options area.
  3. Uncheck headers and footers: Locate and uncheck the 'Headers and footers' option to remove them from your printout​
Removing headers/footers from prints 1

Safari users:

  1. Open print preview: Click on 'Print' to bring up the print preview.
  2. Reveal more options: Click 'Safari' to expand the print settings.
  3. Disable print headers and footers: Uncheck the 'Print headers and footers' box to eliminate these elements​
Removing headers/footers from prints 3

Additional considerations

  • Saving settings: These settings are usually saved once adjusted, simplifying future printing tasks.
  • Print quality: Ensure your printer settings are optimized for the best print quality, especially when printing image-based or colorful bingo cards.
  • Paper choice: Selecting the right paper can enhance the look and feel of your printed bingo cards. Consider using cardstock for a sturdier, more durable card.

By following these steps, you can ensure your printed bingo cards are as visually appealing as they are functional, enhancing the overall experience for players.